The key strategic objectives for our office are set out in our Statement of Strategy. The strategy is updated every three years.

Strategy Statement 2016-2018

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the systems, principles and processes by which organisations are controlled.

The principles of corporate governance are based on managing the organisation with:

  • integrity and fairness
  • being transparent
  • making all the necessary disclosures and
  • complying with relevant legislation

Good governance assists with efficient and effective management. Good management translates into value and excellent customer service for our stakeholders.

This document sets out how the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information operates. We aim to have best practice structures, processes and systems that support the successful operation of duties. We strive to carry out our duties in an ethical, accountable, transparent and effective manner. Good corporate governance is essential to support the delivery of the organisation's strategic priorities. Our stakeholders can be assured that good governance policies and practices are part of the culture of the organisation.

Download Corporate Governance Framework

We report annually on corporate governance issues effecting the office.

Corporate Report 2018