Covid-19 notice

Like everyone else at this time, we are very conscious of the fact that public authorities, and ourselves, are currently focussing on minimising health risks and planning for the maintenance of essential services. We understand that resource implications, including redeployment of staff in some areas e.g.  to help with tracing may affect the ability of public authorities to continue to deliver services within the normal timelines. We would ask requesters and appellants to bear this in mind please.

The easiest way to appeal is using our online form. Before you appeal please check that you are eligible to appeal.

Information you should supply

Before you appeal, we recommend that you gather all records of your dealings with the public authority in relation to the request. If you have these records available in electronic form you will be able to upload them. If you are unable to do this, you can still appeal online and email or post them to us.

These usually include:

  • Your request for environmental information
  • Any correspondence from the public authority saying that it extended the time in which to process your request
  • The public authority's decision on your request
  • Your request for an internal review of the decision
  • The public authority's decision on your request for an internal review
  • If appropriate, evidence that you are eligible to pay a reduced fee (e.g. medial card)
  • If appropriate, evidence that you are authorized to appeal on behalf of another person or persons (including an unincorporated association or a legal person such as a company)


  • The standard appeal fee is €50
  • A reduced appeal fee of €15 applies if you hold a medical card or are the dependent of someone who holds a medical card
  • A reduced appeal fee of €15 also applies if you are a person such as a third party who would be affected by the disclosure of the environmental information concerned at the time of making the appeal
  • Payment by an applicant can be made online, through this website, by credit/debit card. Alternatively, payment can be made by post
  • However, if you are a third party, or in any other circumstances, please contact this Office directly

Please note that it is not possible to save a partly completed appeal form and revisit it later. You must make a complete appeal in a single session. Follow the guidelines below so that you are prepared.

Appeal by post

  • Please download the appeal form and fill it in
  • Post it or drop it into the following address: The Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information, 6 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02 W773
Ready to make your appeal online?