If you are an applicant who made a request for access to environmental information (an AIE request) to a public authority and are unhappy with the decision, you may have a right to appeal to the Commissioner.

You may also appeal if you are a person, including a third party, whose interests would be affected by the disclosure of the environmental information concerned.

Requirements of a valid appeal by the applicant

In order to have a right of appeal to OCEI you must have requested an internal review from the public authority.

You must appeal to us within one month of:

  • receiving the public authority's decision on your request for internal review, OR
  • when you should have received such a decision - which is within one month of when the public authority received your request for internal review - unless the public authority extended the time allowed for a decision

Note: We regard the 'date of receipt' as being the first working day in which a document was received. If an email or letter arrives after normal office hours, we regard it as having been received on the resumption of normal working.

Late appeals

If you acquired a right of appeal but are late in appealing, OCEI could still accept your appeal if it would be reasonable to do so. If special circumstances led you to being late in appealing, you could explain this by email to info@ocei.ie and we will consider your late appeal.

If you do not meet the requirements for a valid appeal

If you do not meet these requirements we regret that we cannot accept your appeal. You could restart the process by making a new request for access to environmental information to the public authority. If you choose to do this, we recommend that you explain to the public authority that you are doing so in order to avail, if necessary, of your right of appeal.

Where someone else has made an AIE request

If you wish to appeal because the disclosure of information sought in someone else's request for access to environmental information would affect your interests, you should appeal by email to info@ocei.ie. You cannot make an appeal of this type through this website.

How to Appeal